Fund Terms

Prospective partners often ask about the fund’s terms. We want to help good people achieve their financial goals.

Our terms:

  • Minimum Investment of $100,000 – an outstanding investment opportunity for the full range of investors
  • 1.5% management fee – where no-fee funds might collapse and leave you hanging in a volatile market, our management fee lets us stick with you no matter what
  • 25% performance fee – this is how we are compensated for managing your money. We only make money when you make money
  • High water mark – if the value of your investment in the fund declines, we do not get an incentive fee until your losses are fully recouped
  • 1 Year lock-up – the earliest you can redeem your investment in the fund is one year after you make the investment. We think long-term, and we invest long-term
  • Quarterly redemptions – after the first year, you can withdraw your money once every three months. We plan to be your partner for many years, and hope that you think of our relationship the same way

In addition to those terms: I, Talgat Akhmetov, Principal of Lakemore Capital LLC., promise you:

  • As our fund grows, I will lower the management fee that you pay – targeting a fixed keep-the-lights-on amount per year that will shrink as a percentage of the fund’s assets as we continue to grow
  • The vast majority of my and my family’s money is and will remain invested in the fund, alongside yours. We are partners – rain or shine, we are in this together