At Lakemore Capital, we are passionate about making smart trades with an adequate risk to reward profiles to build your long term wealth. 

Our Strategy

Our strategy is designed to capitalize on event driven catalyst based trades and important historical price levels, along with strict risk management criteria. We believe that avoiding excessive volatility in the equity curve and consistent approach to risk management are key elements of our strategy.

In other words, we believe that consistency is essential to success in trading.

Our strategy is based on trading big board names with no specific sector concentration, and we hold cash when we cannot identify trades that meet our criteria. We believe in preservation of capital above all else, hence controlling our downside in each and every trade is of utmost importance.

Trades that meet our key criteria are rare. Therefore we are always doing our homework and ready to pounce at opportunities. We aim to smooth the volatility of our portfolio by being smart and patient in our trades.

Our Partners

While many funds focus on ultra high net worth families and institutions, Lakemore Capital works to make a meaningful difference for everyday accredited investors like you.

On our journey together, we want to transform your life by putting your hard earned capital to a sensible use for achieving risk adjusted returns.

We want your family to be able to pursue opportunities that today are just dreams.

Founder and CEO

I, Talgat Akhmetov started Lakemore Capital to invest money on behalf of a select group of long-term oriented, business minded, wealthy families and individuals. My focus is simple: to compound my investor’s capital at the highest risk adjusted rate I can over the long run.

I am a momentum trader with a long-term focus on capital preservation but trying to find opportunities within the short time frames. I invest with an ownership mentality of the capital entrusted by my partners and view looking after my downside protection is of paramount importance.

I began learning about investing and trading in 2008 and started my own portfolio after the Recession of 2008-2009.

Prior to starting Lakemore Capital, I worked at a number of International companies. From 2010 – 2012 I was an analyst at Renaissance Capital, is one of the leading independent investment banks in CIS region, based in Moscow. From 2006 -2008, I worked as a Retail Account Manager at Procter and Gamble Kazakhstan.

In 2010, I earned a Master’s Degree in Economic Development at the Vanderbilt University, TN.

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